About the event

International Conference of Water Resources Development and Environmental Protection (ICWRDEP) is an international seminar held every two years by the Department of Water Resources Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya.

ICWRDEP brought up topics concerning recent issues on water resources problems, namely River Engineering and Management, Coastal Engineering and Management, Environmental Engineering and Sanitation, Water Resources Engineering and Management, Water–related Disaster Risk Reduction and Water related to Civil, Architectural Engineering.

The conference encourages the water resources society to think globally while acting locally and expand our local efforts to global success; thus, we could achieve sustainable water use and environmental development. The keynote talks and papers presented at this important forum include the latest findings of knowledge and technologies for the new water resources planning, management, and strategy towards the sustainability of environmental quality and our living conditions.

We look forward to welcoming researchers, academics, government, and other allied water resources managers and professionals interested in sharing knowledge and experience in the water resources field. We are certain that your presence, bringing together your expertise, vision, knowledge, and experience, will help us consolidate our thoughts and practices and help us pave the way into the future.

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